Hey guys, welcome to Chatbat!

Here you can chat with persons and do other things.

If you need more informations, you can go on http://www.facebook.com/chatbatfromcat and look there or follow us on Titter (@chatbat). We'll wait for you!

For informationts you can also send us an E-Mail to: chatbat.info@yahoo.com


I forget! Have fun...

You can also watch videos of the  hottest songs in the moment!

If you write to me I'll also give access to my website and you and me can change it so much that we want, together.

TEAM-work is the best work to hang out, you know?

AH! You know also this websites:




They are fun, too and you can chat there, too with friends and stuff.

Thank you for your attention.

Signed: The Founder